Castle Clash Codes

Castle Clash may be a liberal to play multi-platform strategy game during which players get to create their own fortress and their own army to fight against other players or powerful monsters in several dungeons.

What is Castle Clash game

Castle Clash or even you heard tons about it and don’t know what it exactly is? I even have here everything you’ll get to know plus how you’ll get the newest Castle Clash Secret Codes all the time.

Castle Clash could also be easily confusing with all the various parts thereto, but it can still be a fun game for a few. This text will show you ways to create a robust base and attacking others. The Magic Lab may be a temporary event that normally lasts every week. If you discover the codes, recipes or combinations during the week you’ll get plenty of rewards.

Castle Clash Codes

castle clash codes

  • Insignia Rune II * 3: 2 Pot O’Gold, 2 Green Beer, 2 Clover and also 2 Top Hat
  • Battle Monkey Crystal * 20: 3 Pot O’Gold, 1 Green Beer, 2 Clover and also 2 Top Hat
  • Hero Skin Scraps Box I * 100: 2 Pot O’Gold, 2 Green Beer, 1 Clover and also 3 Top Hat
  • Jar of Gems * 20: 2 Pot O’Gold, 1 Green Beer, 1 Clover and also 4 Top Hat
  • Igniting Stone * 1500: 1 Pot O’Gold, 1 Green Beer, 3 Clover and also 3 Top Hat

How to play Castle Clash game?

When you enter a legitimate cipher for Castle Clash, you’ll see a notification that tells you that you simply will see your reward very soon in your mailbox.

Castle Clash may be a game that’s almost like Clash of Clans and may be found within the App Store on devices like iPads. the large difference is that Castle Clash is hero based. It also features a lot more variety.

Start off by upgrading your resources in your base.

  • Upgrade your government building to a minimum of level 4.
  • Get a Warehouse.
  • Upgrade your Mana Mills and Gold Mines to a minimum of level 4
  • Get a watchtower
  • Consider buying some defense walls.
  • Buy the other buildings that are needed in your base from the shop.

How to redeem code Castle Clash?

Entering Secret Codes in Castle Clash will cause you to get extra rewards by just entering a code. to seek out the proper place you’ll get to choose your event tab then look for the choice “More Events”.

When selecting the “More Events”, you’ll see another screen loading with additional events that are held outside the sport, including the place where you’ll be ready to enter the key code for the additional reward.

Guide of Castle Clash game

The Castle Clash team reserves all rights to the ultimate interpretation of this event, its rules, and its rewards.

  • Step 1. confirm you never miss a giveaway.
  • Step 2. Complete the captcha, then add your email to the sector above (beside the “Get Your Key” button) you’ll only check in once for this giveaway. It is that the first time you employ our system please check your email to validate it and add again an equivalent mail within the field above.
  • Step 3. attend Castle Clash and download the sport or start the sport (only English Android version).
  • Step 4. Once in-game, tap the “Events” button on the left a part of the most game screen (the treasure chest).
  • Step 5. Select the “Earn Gems” Tab
  • Step 6. Select “More Events”
  • Step 7. Tap “Go to page”
  • Step 8. Select “Veterans Code”
  • Step 9. Type in your promo code within the box and tap “Confirm”.

Each code contains a 1 Legendary Hero Card. Valid just one occasion per account ID. Enjoy! Step: Share together with your Friends.

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